Monday, March 24, 2008

Here are some pictures of two towns I visited with the lamas for two puja ceremonies for people who had died. They were beautiful ceremonies and I was lucky to participate in them. They combine humor, grief, dancing, and chanting and an incredible sense of community and love. The ceremonies are meant to help the deceased to pass to a better life.

Me lighting candles at the town of Puma

Tibetan horns for the puja

In a beautiful rammed earth kitchen

at Puma village

Decorations and oblations at Najar

Awesome looking old guys at Najar

They are Gurung people who are famous for their fierce

fighting that repelled the nations takover by the East Indian

Trading company in the 18th century. Very wonderful people!

I have lived in a bhuddist monastery for the last month and a half teaching english and math and in turn being taught about everything else. Now I have 15 little brothers! It is marvelous!

The head Guru's Son doing a traditional dance
in a small town of Najar (Nazaray)

The head Guru at the Monastery in Besishahar

His name is Gurungi, his family lived at the monastery

with the other 15 monks. He was very kind and loving.

One of my little brothers Funchyo lama and his girlfriend
he hooked up with in Najar.

Another brother Chultem Lama in lama dress at Najar

One of my dearest little brothers, Wang di lama polishing
brass candle holders for a big puja (prayer) ceremony.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bhoudinat (spelling?)

this one above was from
Pashipatinati, he was so nice.

I have been walking to most of the temples here in kathmandu but yesterday my program paid for a taxi and my nepali teacher urmila took me as a guide. it was fun and the temple was exceptional. i will tell why later, but suffice it to say, it is a bhuddist temple site and gets much more funding than the hindu sites in the city.

Tiago's project at an orphanage

This kid was awesome he was leaving
the orphanage after 15 years to go to school
he was really excited, it was so great to see
him that day.

Tiago and kids at new school

Violet and kids looking at pictures

Tiago is my friend in Kathmandu who is leaving tomorrow from Brasil. He has been here for 5 months and has worked with an orphanage south of Kathmandu teaching, fundraising to paint the walls buy carpet and sponsor the kids to go to better schools. He's done great work and been a good example of the DIY mentality that is best for volunteers here. I was there with him the day they installed the carpet and the day some of the kids were going to their new school. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

more fire

monkey business thamel
the claw
prayer wheels
more monkey business

monkey temple

the heavens from above
the heavens from below

Fading away

kind of backwards but this is not a linear experience anyway
next time you pray, give thanks for fast internet

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A blog about Nepals people places and things

If I can catch my next flight I will get to Nepal. I am ready to see a sign with my name on it and then to spend the next 8-14 hours sleeping. I guess I will make another blog about that.
I just want to thank everyone that made this possible, my parents and siblings, Stacey, Steve, and Kristen, Jeff, Damon, Danny, Emilys, Jay and a many significant others for their support and love and the Marriott Library for their slave wages. Thank you, and oh my gosh I just saw the awesomest hat ever! sorry. Dreamtown for now.